Charlize C


Charlize C
Charlize C Client Care Representative

Charlie grew up with several dogs (28 of them at one point), cats, and little fishies. Right now, her family has 30 cats - a few of whom were strays that Charlie picked up from the streets. She easily falls in love with every animal she lays her eyes on.

While this is Charlie’s first formal dive in the veterinary field, she has assisted in the birth of puppies and kittens, taken care of stray dogs and cats to their full recovery, and volunteered at animal shelters. As a pharmacy degree holder, she has a lot of experience in healthcare and administrative work. She hopes to have her very own animal shelter someday.

In Charlie’s free time, you will either find her practicing yoga, playing chess, having her third cup of matcha for the day, or sticking her face in a bouquet of peonies.