Dr. Gabriella Herman


Dr. Gabriella Herman
Dr. Gabriella Herman Founder

Dr. Gaby founded Bay Cat Hospital in Toronto in 1993. She grew up in a family surrounded with pets! Dr. Gaby’s family still incudes four cats, three dogs and two show horses. All these pets gave her so much more insight, insight beyond the traditional textbooks and allowed her to help her clients so much more.

Since graduating with Honors from the Ontario Veterinary College, she has dedicated her life to her veterinary career and to helping and rescuing abandoned or abused cats and dogs. Following her graduation, she involved herself in other practices, working with many doctors in order to gain the insight and valuable experiences she puts to use every day.

In 1993, she opened Bay Cat Hospital, as she had become aware of the demand for a special haven catering specifically to cats. Several years later due to the overwhelming requests by her loyal clients and others, she opened a separate facility, Bay Dog Hospital, exclusively for dogs! Her unmatched passion and love for animals shows also in the personal time and money she had invested (and will continue to personally provide) into adopting out unwanted or previously abused cats and kittens and helping cat rescues. You can follow her rescues on her Instagram page (Dr_Gaby_rescues_cats). Although rescuing can no longer be continued through the hospital, Dr. Gaby has established her own non-profit organization, Gaby’s Rescue Promise Association, where her personal funds as well as any donations received will help animals in need.

Dr. Gaby is a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinarian (CFV). She is a lifetime member of the Veterinary Dental Academy. In addition, she holds memberships in the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.