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Client Care Representative
Admiring and loving animals of all shapes and sizes his whole life, Eric grew up in Newfoundland surrounded by animals any chance he could get, whether it was family pets, zoos, animal sanctuaries/ shelters, or even out in the wilderness.
Eric is passionate about being able to give back and help those in need when it comes to our furry friends and family members; because he truly believes that no matter if they have fins, scales, two legs or four legs they're part of our family unconditionally. Eric joined our clinic during the Summer of 2022 and is willing to step in wherever he can to help your furry family on the way to their many years spent with their owners.
Eric's dream is to be able to open his own shelter and sanctuary for underprivileged animals and strays and be able to give them the best lives possible, especially after late memories of his cat Lo and developing memories and bonds he has with his four cats Topaz, Mew, Storm and Pooch.
When Eric is not at the clinic supporting the team and helping where he can or out playing with the animals (even squirrels) of the GTA he loves to relax with his partner and their fur family, go on adventures, watch nature documentaries and learn all he can about our furry, aquatic, scaley, two and four-legged friends alike while getting his diploma in Veterinary Assisting and Technology.