Veterinary Exam

Routine veterinary exams are an opportunity to address changes in your dog or cat’s health.

Regular wellness exams help us stay in the know about your pet’s overall health. Since one human year is equivalent to several dog and cat years, even small changes in a short timespan can be impactful. Taking your pet in for their wellness exam is like the yearly physical exam you receive from your doctor. To book an appointment, please contact us at 416-941-8920.

How do you make this a stress-free environment for pets?

We know visits to the veterinarian, especially for the first time, might be anxiety-inducing for your pet. Like our respective reception areas, our cat and dog exam rooms are at opposite sides of our hospital. The rooms were built with your pet in mind, including lots of natural light. For example, the cat rooms are peaceful and calming, with more subdued wall colours. The dog exam table faces a big window so they can watch our squirrel neighbours and the birds!

What happens during their checkup?

During a wellness exam, your pet will get a comprehensive physical to assess their overall health. We might also suggest supplementary bloodwork, using our in-house laboratory, to assess your pet’s blood levels. The purpose of the wellness exam is to develop or add to your pet’s individualized wellness plan, which provides insight into the specific care they need. This may include recommendations like vaccinations, a parasite prevention plan and dental care. The physical, along with other diagnostic tests (priced individually) like X-rays or urinalysis, helps us get a clearer picture of what’s happening inside your pet’s body.

How often should my pet have a veterinary exam?

Depending on your pet’s age and overall health, we may recommend visits that are more frequent than once a year. For example, senior pets need to see us twice a year and puppies or kittens should visit us monthly. Our veterinary team will provide recommendations on how often your pet should be visiting with us.

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