Senior Care

Ensuring that your loyal companion is healthy and comfortable during their golden years.

As you and your pet grow old together, it’s important to adjust their care when they become seniors. Senior pets have more health concerns as they age, which means feeding them a special diet, providing mobility support around your home or adjusting the types of activities you do together.

When is my pet a senior?

Depending on your furry friend’s breed, size and overall health, they might age at a quicker or slower rate. Larger breeds, like Great Danes or Pitbulls, show signs of aging by their 5th or 6th birthday. Smaller breeds, like Poodles or Chihuahuas, age at a slightly slower rate. Our veterinary team can assess your pet’s health and determine if they’re in their golden years.

Will my pet have more health issues as a senior?

Not necessarily, though the risk of developing some health issues does increase as your pet ages. With the help of modern medicine, pets are living longer than ever. Good, holistic care ensures your pet will lead a healthy and happy life well into their senior years. Some pets could develop heart, liver and kidney disease and even cancer. Other pets experience hearing or vision loss as their organs slow down and change. You might also notice your pet moving at a slower pace due to the onset of arthritis.

How can I support my senior pet?

Our veterinary team can provide individualized recommendations on what works best for your pet’s unique needs. To book an appointment to discuss more, you can contact us at 416-941-8920. Here’s a few helpful steps you can take at home to support them:

  • Use simple gestures for commands like “come,” if your pet is experiencing hearing loss
  • Try to keep your furniture or your pet’s go-to items in the same space if they’re losing their eyesight
  • Provide mobility aids like ramps for hard-to-reach spaces off the ground
  • Consider getting an orthopedic bed if your pet struggles with arthritis
  • Engage your pet in stimulating activities to keep their minds active
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