Euthanasia Services

A compassionate procedure for cats and dogs suffering from chronic pain or terminal illness.

The decision to euthanize your pet can be difficult and we want to make sure you’re supported. We want to express our sincerest sympathies at this time and extend any guidance that might be helpful. We want to help you make the best decision possible for your pet and family, prioritizing their health and wellbeing.

When should I euthanize my pet?

Every patient and every family is different. The choice will always be yours at the end of the day. Our team will be here to help you assess your pet’s specific situation, and if euthanasia is the best decision for them. Some factors we will discuss with you to help you during this process are:

  1. Whether or not your pet is responsive to treatment for their condition
  2. If they are in chronic pain that can no longer be managed with medication
  3. If they can no longer move around, eat or relieve themselves on their own without extensive medical intervention

How does euthanasia work?

During the procedure, your pet is injected with life-ending medicine that stops their heart and brain from functioning. The process usually only takes a few minutes. Before the procedure, we’ll explain what to expect in your pet’s last moments. You will have the option to be with your pet during the process, to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. It’s also helpful to bring objects from home that could bring them some comfort. If you’d like to discuss your options with our veterinary team before making your final decision, please contact us 416-941-8920.

Will my pet feel any pain during euthanasia?

We try our best to ensure your pet has as painless and easeful a transition as possible. A sedative may be administered to ensure your pet transitions peacefully. To help process your grief after the procedure, you can consider holding a memorial with loved ones to acknowledge your pet’s passing and to celebrate their life. It’s important to process your feelings while you mourn and surround yourself with loved ones who might also be experiencing grief.

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