Boarding for Cats

Offering comfortable and secure boarding services for our feline friends.

Whether you’re going on a short overnight trip out of town or need accommodations for your feline friend over a longer period of time, our veterinary team provides non-medical boarding. As your cat’s family doctor, we know the ins and outs of their healthcare needs, which means we can provide exceptional care, with their unique needs in mind.

What can I expect while my cat is staying at your boarding facilities?

We know it can be difficult leaving your cat in our care, especially if this is your first time using our boarding facilities. Our facilities have several individual boarding suites. They’re outfitted with stimulating decor that help soothe your feline friend’s anxiety about being away from your family. Some of our rooms feature bright colour schemes like pink or yellow, while others offer a theme, like an aquarium. We also offer kennels. They include a variety of furniture cats can sleep and play on.

What should I pack for my cat before their kennel stay?

We provide everything your cat will need but if your cat has special individual needs, like medication or a blanket they enjoy, you’re free to pack it in their overnight bag. You might also want to pack any of your furry friend’s favourite toys. If you forget them, don’t worry! We have plenty available in our reception area.

Do you accept cats who aren’t patients?

Unfortunately, we only have the capacity to support cats who are already patients of our hospital. If you have questions about our accommodations, rates, availability or our general boarding policies, please contact us at 416-941-8920.

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