Bloodwork Services

Bloodwork is an important diagnostic tool that reveals health information about patients.

Our onsite laboratory allows us to perform your pet’s bloodwork services in one convenient location. One of the benefits of our in-house laboratory is performing tests in a timely manner, which allows us to get a faster diagnosis of your pet’s potential health issues. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming bloodwork, please contact us at 416-941-8920.

When might my pet need bloodwork?

Our veterinary team might request for your pet to have bloodwork if we notice any sudden changes or as part of their routine testing. A few instances might include:

  • During their first visit to establish a baseline of their health
  • During their wellness exams to ensure your pet is maintaining optimal health
  • Before they have surgery
  • Before starting a new parasite preventive
  • To support an accurate diagnosis if we’ve noticed signs of a health concern

Will my pet be in pain?

We do our best to ensure your pet doesn’t experience any pain while we take their blood. We prioritize cultivating an anxiety-free environment. This means we do our best to make sure your furry friend is not feeling any discomfort or uneasiness while they’re in our care. We only take a few seconds to locate your pet’s veins, which might be near their legs.

How should I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

Our veterinary team will provide detailed instructions on what you’ll need to do to prepare your pet. This might include ensuring your pet doesn’t eat for a few hours before their appointment as well as ensuring they rest well the night before and are hydrated. Depending on the bloodwork your pet is doing, our veterinary team might also recommend other lab tests as well. For example, we might need a fecal or urine sample to perform a fecal exam or urinalysis. These tests help assess your pet’s kidney function or identify potential parasite infections.

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