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Dr. Mayra Fortozo

Mayra realized that she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl and her family then adopted their first puppy.

Many years later she fulfilled her life’s dream and obtained her veterinary diploma from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. During her schooling, Mayra had the opportunity to perform rotative practices for six months in two different University veterinary hospitals in Spain: USC and UAB. Mayra also worked in a private practice in Madrid. All of these experiences gave her a wealth of veterinary knowledge and skills. Mayra continued her studies in UNAM where she accomplished a two-year specialty in dog and cat medicine and surgery. Upon conclusion of this training, she started a veterinary clinic in Mexico City, which she owned, managed and practiced at for the last 6 years. During this time, Mayra managed to earn a one-year diploma course in Veterinary Hospital Administration and Marketing.

Mayra has always had an interest in dentistry, dermatology, and internal medicine.

In her spare time, she loves exercising, cooking and reading as well as spending time with her two cats Mini and Reina Sofia and a small Pomeranian named Laika.